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GiveAway: Kitchen Aid Mixer and eMeals

This giveaway was inspired by my love for food and my belief that food spells love.(click to tweet)  I have a friend with a similar passion, her name is Jane Delaney.  Jane is the President and Founder of eMeals.  Her passion is to help moms make dinner because she believes family dinners strengthen families.  I couldn’t agree more.  So this Passionate Mom giveaway seeks to provide a little cooking inspiration–with a mixer in my favorite color and a year of menu plans from eMeals.

Whether it is for a meal or for your child’s life, nothing happens without a plan.  And Chapter 8 of The Passionate Mom gets to the heart of your plan to be the best mom you can be…

A taste of Chapter 8: Planning

Finally—we get to the plan! If you are an action girl, like me, you have been waiting for the takeaway. So let’s start planning!

Hopefully, in the previous chapter you thought about your goals for your child and discovered your purpose for parenting. Now all you need is to cook up a plan. Nehemiah, man of action that he was, had definitely cooked up a plan. Thoughts of the wall and the risk to his people had deeply stirred his passion. He could not let go of the news about them. To his passion he added the yeast of pondering and praying and mixed it all together. The yeast infused and expanded his passion to three times its prior volume. Only prayer and pondering can do that.

By the time the king asked him about the sadness on his face, four months had passed, and Nehemiah’s passion had been baked into a golden delicious purpose for his life. He was going to rebuild Jerusalem’s wall to shield his people. His purpose permeated every thought in his mind until a plan began to develop. With his plan pressed firmly into his mind and his passion on fire in his heart, Nehemiah answered the king and put his plan into action. He was about to deliver his plan to his people as he’d serve them a loaf of freshly baked bread, the kind that provides nourishment, warmth, safety—life.

I want to do that for my children more than anything. I want to have a plan that will provide them life—nourishment, warmth, safety—for this life and for eternity.….(click to tweet)

Hoping this taste of chapter 8 has wet your appetite to read more from The Passionate Mom!

Without a plan you are leaving your child to chance. (click to tweet)

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