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Love Your Child More by Pondering

This lesson is one that is an ongoing struggle for me.  I am so easily distracted and over-committed that finding time to actually ponder requires super human restraint (and I have not yet found my super powers).  Ponder is defined as: to think about something carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion. As a mom I make decisions every day for my child–some big, some small.  For the big decisions it is crucial that I ponder and pray before I conclude.  This is the job of a passionate mom–to ponder everything she learns about her child so she can truly know her child. Do you add the bits of news and clues about your child’s life like puzzle pieces to your understanding so you can assemble a clear picture of what is going on in his or her life?

One of my children is extremely quiet. One day, during his first quarter in high school, he randomly mumbled that his life would be much easier if he were a geek. I stopped dead in my tracks and pondered for a moment. I had been waiting for a sign like this—a clue as to how he was acclimating to and processing his new environment. You see, my son had moved from a small private school to a large public high school. I knew he was going to have to navigate new social waters in a much bigger pond. What he was really saying was, “I am feeling pressure to try to be something that is hard for me.” He had observed that it might be easier if he were in a different crowd. He was struggling.

The vast majority of people are struggling with something on any given day, but most of us keep it to ourselves. Our children are no different. Have you perceived what your child is struggling with? Have you pondered it and carefully considered what course of action you should take to help? If not, are you exercising selflessness and self-control to ensure that you take the time to ponder so you can take the appropriate action?

For how to ponder here are 2 Keys to Pondering.

This post is an excerpt from The Passionate Mom.

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