How Would Your Kids Answer: Who Would You Like to Have Dinner with Dead or Alive?

There is a message, in this video, for you and for me.

It made me cry. But not out of despair because this can be remedied in every family today. This is a simple parenting task that has a profound impact on our children. 

Watch and ponder: how would your kids answer this question?


Powerful connections are made at the dinner table. The crucial benefits that come from sitting down as a family, at the same time, eating the same meal, and connecting through conversation are undeniable.

I just wrote about this a few weeks ago and then someone in our office sent me this video. Sometimes the really simple things in parenting are the most important. Perhaps, with all our knowledge about child development, the brain, and a billion pages on google about anything you want to research, we have made parenting far more complex than we need to.

You can read more about what I wrote and the research to validate why you need to make family dinners happen here: Research Confirms a Family Connection is Crucial–Not Complicated, Just Set the Table!

If you are uncertain how to get the conversation started at dinner or how to keep it interesting, we have dozens of free Talk: Conversation Starter printables to help on iMOM.com. Cut them up and place them on the table. Take turns asking questions.

I would love to hear from you about your family dinners–tips, stories, struggles, successes, questions.

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