Fighting the Lies We Live By

Lies have a really sneaky way of disguising themselves as truth. Once we hear a lie in our head enough times, it begins to convince us that it is right! Then we unknowingly accrue a list of lies we live by. Don’t believe me? Think about a few of these lies we live by, or at least I live by and I am fighting not to live by!

Lie #1: “No one notices what I do

Truth: “You are LOVED”

As moms, we are the ones finishing laundry at 2 a.m. to make sure our son has a clean uniform for practice. We are the ones standing in front of a sink stacked high with dirty dishes two and three times a day. And we are the ones driving a carpool of screaming kids across town even when we have a temperature of 102 degrees. Constantly putting others first without any sign of appreciation is overwhelming. But what I’ve had to come to understand is that even though my kids don’t say thank you on a daily basis, I can always find other ways that I am loved and appreciated by them.

Lie #2: “I don’t have enough time or energy

Truth: “You are RESOURCEFUL”

Lots of times, I face problems that seem to have no solution. There are times when the kids need to be in three different places at once and I’m racking my brain for ways to work it all out without guilt. Then there are times when I have a deadline for a project, and one of the kids starts throwing up. In these moments, I have learned that I can usually find a way if I pray rather than panic. It may mean that I have to be creative and resourceful. Maybe that means calling a friend to help drive, or maybe it means taking a 20-minute power nap so that I have the energy to push through and keep working.

Lie #3: “I’m going to fail

Truth: “You are ABLE”

Every day, there are millions of moments I can fail. I can miss an opportunity to teach my child a lesson that can save them pain. I can let my husband down by overcommitting and leaving no time for him. But what I have learned is that God works all things for his good. That means my mistakes can have a purpose. Once I stop focusing fearfully on the ways I could mess up, I am free to focus on the ways God can use me to do great things!

Lie #4: “My life is spinning out of control

Truth: “You are STRONG”

If you’re at all like me, I’m sure you’re no stranger to the craziness of life. When things start flying off in a million different directions, I immediately feel insecure and out of control. But rather than control things in vain, I’ve learned that the best way to handle these moments is to step back, take a deep breath, and calmly remind myself that God is in control and He does not give us more than we can handle. So I am stronger than I think and I can do this!

Lie #5: “I don’t deserve that

Truth: “You are WORTHY”

When someone compliments me or tells me that I’m doing a good job, my first reaction is to say something like, “Oh, well you should see what my kitchen looks like right now.” But the reason I respond this way and push away praise is that I feel that I don’t deserve it because I know how flawed I am. At some point, we have to realize that we DO deserve it! We have to realize that we are worthy of love and admiration and respect. So the next time you are complimented, allow yourself to glow for just a minute. Bask in the praise that you deserve. Consider it a little gift of encouragement from an awesome God who really sees what you do, even if your kids don’t! 

I could go on, but I would rather know what lies do you live by?

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