When Life Takes You Off Track

Derailed: Getting Off Track Again?


Have you ever been derailed in life, by life?

Getting off track seems to happen to me often, so you’d think I would be used to it.  But how do you get used to something that is constantly changing like life?

The 4 things that tend to hi-jack my train are:

  1. health
  2. work
  3. family
  4. money

These are also the four aspects of my life that require most of my time, consume my thoughts, and make up the bulk of my responsibilities (minus the cleaning, cooking and laundry). No surprises there.  If one goes awry I go with it.

Health Derailed.

One month ago I was derailed by health.  My pacemaker malfunctioned.  My travel calendar was packed: 2 weeks in Colorado with kids and hubby to celebrate our anniversary, followed by a 12 hour turn around to get to a 3 day conference, followed by a speaking engagement in Texas one week later and two more local speaking engagements the week after that.

We squeezed the pacemaker swap in after the conference.  I spent the weekend in the hospital, 2 more days at home, went to work Wednesday and flew out on the wings of a lot of prayer to the Mom Life Boot Camp on Thursday in Texas.

Work Derailed.

Over 3 weeks with only 1 day in the office and I was work derailed.  My team shouldered a lot of my load.  I am still not back on track.

Family Derailed.

My kids are starting to complain.  My husband has needs.  My family is feeling the effects of my being off track.  And that makes me feel really guilty.  All of this derailing leads to a lot of frustration and just plain old weariness.

I am tired.

In my mind I am tired of thinking of all I need to do and in my heart I am tired of feeling sorry for all of the people I am not doing for.

This overwhelming weariness has been felt a million times before by every mom on the planet.  I am convinced of it.  At any given moment a mom can be derailed.  What amazes me is this: we can take comfort in the sheer numbers of moms who have been derailed and got back on track, or at least kept the train moving even off the track!

Moms with cancer, moms with handicapped kids…Moms going through divorce, moms going through rehab…Moms who have lost their mom, moms who have lost their job…Moms who can’t have children, moms who can’t keep their children…So many moms and so many difficult days.

But that’s what moms do.  Moms persevere, fight, and bear the burden for their family until they find their way back on track.

I do it and you do it.  That thought gives me hope.  I will get back on track and so will you.  And until then I will pray for you and for me that….

 We will not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer with thanksgiving, present our requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all  understanding, will guard our hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.            

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