run ragged

Are Your Kids Running You Ragged?

Something I’ve learned during my two dozen or so years as a parent is that there’s a fine line between being good parents and spoiling your child. As parents, it’s natural to want to do everything you can for your children…but that does not mean you should make them the center of your universe. It’s bad for the parents, kids, and everyone around you! Every married person with kids needs to be reminded that no matter how much you love your kids, the marriage needs to come first. If that’s not happening, chances are your kids will run you ragged, and you won’t be able to give each other the support you both need!

In this podcast, Mark and I explain how you can be a better parent and spouse by not letting your kids become the center of your universe. If that happens, three bad things will inevitably follow:

1. Your marriage will suffer.

2. Your child will suffer.

3. Your child’s friendships will suffer.

That all sounds very dramatic and negative, but it’s so true! Making your child the center of your universe inevitably means that you aren’t giving your spouse the attention he or she deserves. It means your son learns to be selfish and demanding because he always gets what he wants. It means your daughter won’t be able to get along with the other girls at school because she thinks they should always play the game she wants to play. It’s really bad for everyone!

So listen to the full podcast here and make sure you aren’t letting your kids run you ragged.

I promise you, keeping your priorities straight will strengthen your marriage, help your child in the long run, and make it much easier for your child to find and keep friends who actually like being around them!

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