8 Christmas Life Hacks You’ll Love!

If there was ever a time moms could use some really good life hacks—it’s the Christmas season! {Tweet This} Short of having your own work crew of eager elves, these Christmas life hacks are the next best thing! So here are 8 Christmas Life Hacks that I love.

1. Wrap as you go.

There’s not much worse than exhaustedly wrapping gifts into the wee hours of Christmas morning. Every time you buy a gift or at least every few days, grab your tape and wrap those babies up!

2. A bag for every kid.

One of my best life hacks is having an extra large trash bag to store the presents for each of my kids. Once the gift is wrapped, it goes into the appropriate bag.

3. Stocking stuffer bags.

Into every child’s big bag, I put a smaller bag for stocking stuffers. That way, little gifts don’t get lost among the big stuff.

4. Use a planner.

Before you spend one more dollar on gifts, make our Money Saving Christmas Gift Planner part of your routine. You’ll have all of your shopping to-dos in one place and that will make things a whole lot easier for you.

5. Peppermint Power.

Crush up some candy canes, store them in a sealed bag or jar, and use them on or in just about everything. Need to take food to a Christmas party? Bake up a batch of brownies (boxed is fine!), layer on some chocolate icing, and sprinkle the peppermint on top. You can even add peppermint to my Red Velvet Cake frosting.

6. Icing idea.

Use plastic condiment squirt bottles (you can get them at most dollar stores) for your cookie decorating. Much easier for little hands—and big—and a lot less messy!

7. Hot chocolate.

Use your slow cooker to keep your hot chocolate hot! Same goes for soups.

8. Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Plan something fun and meaningful for Christmas eve in advance with these 8 great Christmas Eve traditions.

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