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3 Ways to Foster Friendships Between Your Kids

Even with a growing number of only children, about 80% of Americans have at least one brother or sister. And like it or not, they are to some extent stuck with each other for their entire lives! For most people, sibling relationships are the most enduring of all relationships, outlasting that with parents, spouses, children, or friends. But sometimes, it feels like children were born not to get along with each other. As a parent, I am WAY too familiar with the whining and bickering that frequently accompany the interactions of young siblings.

My children are very different from one another, which is a great thing. But when the kids were younger, their quarreling could drive me up a wall. Maybe that sounds familiar to you! It’s common for siblings, especially at a young age, to not get along. Mark and I have found through a few years of trial and error that there are practical ways to encourage children toward friendship with one another, and we are grateful to see strong relationships between our adult kids now.

In this podcast, we share 3 ways to foster friendships between your kids, one of them being do fun things together.

I think this one is my favorite! The more you share in fun experiences, the more happy associations your kids will have that lead to lifelong memories. Even something as simple as watching a funny movie together so many times that you can practically quote it to each other becomes part of a shared experience that will draw your kids closer together. Having quirky traditions, like our family tradition of wearing matching PJs to bed on Christmas Eve, creates bonds between your children that they will always be able to share.

Hear the rest of the ways to foster relationships between your kids here

How do you encourage a strong relationship between your kids? I would love to hear your stories in the comments below!

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