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3 Questions to Ask to Find Your Purpose of Motherhood

I believe that visionary moms are guided by core values and a sense of purpose beyond just worldly success. Their deeply held core ideology gives their families a strong sense of identity and a thread of continuity that holds them together in the face of change and even trials and tribulations. If a mom wants to drive for progress in her parenting, she needs to know her purpose and how to hit that clearly defined target that she is shooting for. {Tweet} What is it that you want? What is your goal? Define it and you will have your purpose for parenting. {Tweet}

 To help us find our purpose, we need to answer these 3 questions:

  1. What are your core beliefs?
  2. What is your goal for your children?
  3. What is your purpose as a mother, and how will you work it to reach your goal?

Every mom will answer these questions differently. And that is what makes life so exciting. We are all unique, with unique perspectives, unique children, and unique opportunities.

My core values and goal are only examples for you. This is how I answered:

      1. What are your core beliefs?  My core belief is a belief in God. I believe that His Son, Jesus Christ, died for the forgiveness of my sins and my salvation.

      2. What is your goal for your children?  My goal is for my children to have a faith of their own when they are ready to leave home.

      3. What is your purpose as a mother, and how will you work it to reach your goal?  I will train my children so that they grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. Because God is central in my core beliefs, I determined that my goal—what I wanted for my children—was for each to have a faith strong enough so that once they left me, God would still be able to direct them long after they had grown.

To accomplish my purpose, I determined that I would focus on the four benchmarks that are mentioned with respect to Christ’s growing-up years in Luke 2:52: “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Because my core beliefs are centered in Christ, I figured that if these were the ways Jesus grew, then they would be the best ways for my children to grow.

Passion + Purpose = A Plan

These three foundational bricks from The Passionate Mom—passion, purpose, and planning—have a special relationship that can make or break a wall. And you are the wall that protects and plans for the future of your child. Your strength as a mom  starts with passion to love well. Without passion you won’t have the drive to develop a purpose, and if you don’t ever find a purpose, you surely won’t see the need to have a plan. {Tweet}

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