Wyndham Win

February 6, 2014



 happy, happy day,

we have a huge giveaway!

Wyndham Extra Holidays is an iMOM/All Pro Dad Recommends partner and so we get to give away a trip to any of their resorts, airfare included–free, free, freeeeeeeeeee!!!!

All you have to do is go here on iMOM and in the comment section tell me your love story!  I know you have one and we want to celebrate it and all the love, love, love you have for your hubby!  You only have to give us a few sentences 100 to 300 words. This post is 500 words so much less than this.

I cannot enter (boo) so here is my story just to be fair and share…

My big sister in ADPi (sorority) wanted to fix me up with this guy named Mark Merrill.  I didn’t pay much attention to her because he was a Big Man On Campus and a lot older than me.  In those days there was no looking someone up on facebook so I didn’t even know what he looked like.  I was dancing at a party one night and this really cute guy walked in–tweed jacket, suede patches on the elbows, feathered hair and a mustache… cute!  I asked someone his name.  Mark Merrill.  I fell in love right then.  Smitten.  We didn’t even talk.

Six months later we finally met.  He was a senior in law school.  I was a junior in undergrad.  The day of our first date a car hit me on my bike.  I went flying.  Did I cancel the date–no way.  He came to pick me up and down the stairs I hobbled like a mummy–8 stitches in my chin, a broken tooth, and bandages wrapped around both knees and elbows!  His expression was priceless–pure horror.  Kissing was definitely out.

Not sure why he asked me out again, but he did.  He graduated law school and I had another year of undergrad so we were off and on and then really off.  Then divinely God intervened.  I graduated and got a job the same time he did in the same city, in the same building!  He was 17 floors above me. It wasn’t very smooth for the next 4 years.  We were friends, then dating, then just friends, then dating and then we finally got it together.

We were married on March 4, 1989.  Twenty five years ago!  Yep, our 25th anniversary is in just 3 weeks.  I really should get to win this trip.  Rats.

Oh well, if you win have a toast for us.  Marriage is awesome, so much better than dating!  And if you don’t win you can still get 15% off a Wyndham Extra Holidays stay by calling 855-421-4784 and mentioning the offer code “FAM1st!”  We love the Wyndham Extra Holidays.  Their resorts are time shares that they rent for hotel prices.  You get a full kitchen and more bedrooms which means you can take the kiddos and not have to eat out every single meal.  With five kids eating out is a vacation killer for me $$$!

I hope you win!


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