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Why Spouses Don’t Listen and What You Can Do About It

February 16, 2016

Are you a good listener? If so, I applaud you. I have to admit that the skill of listening well does not come naturally to me. I’m a gifted talker! I enjoy sharing what’s on my heart and speaking what’s on my mind, which has its place, but listening? That can be hard for me.

We all know that communication is absolutely critical in the marriage relationship. Without effective communication, marriages can quickly tear apart. My very talkative husband and I have had to work on this a lot over the years. We both have so many important things to say, especially in emotional or heated moments, and we can forget that listening is a necessary component of communication! 

Here’s my problem: Mark is ridiculously smart, and he’s awesome at speaking logically and persuasively. Guess that’s what I should have expected when I married a lawyer! Sometimes, I feel like I need a little extra time to figure out how to make my point of view sound just as compelling as his, so I stop listening to what he’s saying and focus on what I want to say next to counter his point. When I do that, I may miss out on hearing his heart. 

Listening isn’t just about using your ears, though. Of course your ears are a part of listening, but in this podcast, Mark and I share 5 keys to effective listening in marriage that will help you understand why listening can be difficult in marriage, and how you can improve the way you listen to your spouse.

  1. Listen with your Ears
  2. Listen with your Eyes
  3. Listen with your Mind
  4. Listen with your Mouth
  5. Listen with your Heart

Hear the full podcast by clicking here and start truly listening to your spouse today.

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