Where in the World Did I Put My Soulmate?

A better question is what in the world is a soulmate? Maybe you can’t tell it, but I am so annoyed with this fictional excuse to leave your spouse! Somehow, using the word “soul” provides an excuse for some people to do whatever they want—justifying their decision as if it were for some higher purpose. “I found my soulmate.” Spoken as if there can be no argument with their conclusion because it is mystical or spiritual.

I will be very honest with you. I have five children. The fact is that I have more in common with a couple of them. Do I look at the others and say, “Sorry! Go find another mommy because you are not my soul child.” Absolutely not! I love ALL my children.

Your husband is your soulmate or rather your sole mate. If YOU married him, then he is it. Don’t waste time and energy looking for the guy you think will fulfill all of your emotional, romantic, and spiritual needs — he does not exist.

Here’s another way to think about getting our mindset on our husband as our one and only — our sole mate. Can you buy a pair of shoes, wear them for 10 years, and then take them back to the store? Can you demand a different pair because “These really aren’t the right shoes…” for you? Do you think they would accept that you were really meant to have the new ones in the window instead of the pair you chose 10 years ago?

Odds are, if you did trade in your sole mate for your soulmate, he might end up like another pair of shoes you no longer want. I don’t mean to sound harsh, I know there are challenges in some marriages that go beyond wanting a soulmate. But for most of us, making our husband our soulmate is a matter of the mind and heart. Decide your husband is your soulmate and your heart will likely follow.

If you need more help getting in that mindset, iMOM shared 5 ways to start making your husband your soul mate.

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