What Hurts a Mother’s Heart

When my kids were little I made each of them promise that they would never turn six.  They all promised and then one by one they all broke that promise on their sixth birthday.   They just looked at me with a big, silly grin and a mischievously, innocent twinkle in their eye like they just couldn’t help it.  I would act terribly hurt that they refused to stop growing.  In my teasing there was truth.  You see, when a child turns six you realize the minutes of joy cuddling your child in sweet contentment on your lap are swiftly sifting through the hour glass of time.

When a child is small you can hold them on your lap.  

But soon that child will grow so big he won’t feel comfortable sitting on your lap.  Soon that child will become so social she won’t have time to sit on your lap.  Soon that child will have too much interest in the world to sit still at all, let alone on your lap.  Soon that child won’t be a child, to anyone but you.

And your child will resist you pulling them into your lap and you will resist them pulling away.  That is what really hurts a mother’s heart–letting them go.  When they grow you must trust that they are in God’s hands instead of cradled protectively in your lap.  All you can do is pray as you watch them walk out the door because…

When a child is big you must hold them in your heart. 

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