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The Passionate Mom Personality Test

I had such a wonderful time at the 2014 MomLife BootCamp. It was a weekend to pull away from regular mom-life, refresh, and celebrate motherhood with other moms.

For the event, they challenged me to lead a session called The Mom I Am. This title really convicted me. Sometimes I get so caught up in what the other moms are doing, or the mom I wish I was, I plum forget about the mom I am.

Whether or not you were able to attend the event, I would love for you to use my resources below as a fun guide to celebrate the mom YOU are. Start first by taking The Passionate Mom Personality Test. Once you get your results, you can use the printables below to learn more about the mom you are. Enjoy!

Perfectly Passionate Mom

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Popularly Passionate Mom

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Powerfully Passionate Mom

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Peacefully Passionate Mom

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  • Jennifer Armstrong

    I just got home from Mom Life Boot camp and the first thing I did was to download my popularly passionate mom overview! I am printing it out and posting it so that when I fall into the trap of thinking I am not good enough and that I should be more like someone else, I can remind myself of who I am! Thank you so much! I was in tears telling my husband about your session and how much it meant to know that I am enough and that my kids don’t need another mom, they need me and my strengths! What a freeing thing to recognize that God equipped me to raise my kids in my strengths and that he doesn’t want me to be like everyone else!

  • Leah Armstrong

    Where can I find the quiz to share with my friends that weren’t at Bootcamp?

  • Marcy

    I just got home from MomLife, and I enjoyed your presentation greatly!! Thank you for reminding me to be the mom God created me to be!!

  • Brooke

    Your presentation was wonderful! You opened the door to my heart helping me realize that I am who I am becuase that is who God wants me to be! I am a PEACEFULLY PASSIONATE MOM and that’s a wonderful thing! I too, would love to share the quiz with my friends and give them a bracelet symbolizing who they are! Will you share with us?

    • It is in a link above! Have fun with it and be encouraged 🙂

  • Brooke

    I’m sorry! I see the Personality Test in the paragraph above! Thanks so much for allowing us to share this with friends and family!

  • Sarah

    Excellent, awesome, refreshing! I wanted to bring you home with me….seriously! My bracelet is hanging in my bathroom so that I will be reminded everyday to be the mom God created me to be. 🙂

  • Wynter Pitts

    Sharing this with friends! Love it! Do you have the Biblical comparisons posted anywhere…?

  • Crystal

    I was at MomLife Bootcamp and I got to see God face to face listening to your speech. I have a peace that I am enough just as I am. Thank you! I have been lead to start a moms group at my church so that other moms can experience what I got to experience. Can you provide your biblical examples of the different moms? Again thank you so much for all you do.

  • Paula

    Thanks so much for sharing this! Loved taking this test at MomsLife and then the way you involved some of the women from the bible in was priceless!

  • JenniferS

    Hi Susan! I was wondering if you had a list of the women from the Bible that corresponds with each personality? If so, would you please share so I can share. Thank you