Techy Tuesday: An App That Finds 2 Things I Love – My Phone & My Children

If you are like me and you think you have early-onset Alzheimer’s (not kidding, I just read the book Still Alice and it convinced me that I have Alzheimer’s) then you are often losing things like your phone, keys, sunglasses and children.  Yes, children, as they get older they are always on the go, go, go.  How many times have you thought, “Where is _____?  She should have been home by now.”  Then you call or text her to find out.  When you receive no answer you sink into a frenzy of escalating worry as the clock ticks by.  Or worse, you can’t even call your child to find out where she is because you can’t find your phone!

Wonder no more, search no more because there is a solution for finding the 2 things I love most, in the list of things I lose, my children and my phone.  The solution only works if you and your child both have an iPhone.  If you and they do, you will love this app.  It is free.  You simply download Find My iPhone and install it on your phone, your child’s phone and your computer.  Whenever you need to find your child (provided they have their phone with them) or your phone (did I leave it at the store, the bank, or at work) just go to the app.  It pulls up the location of the phones on a map within seconds.

I love it!


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  • This is a great app! My husband is all the time leaving his phone places and just a quick look on the computer we know exactly where it is!