Saying Goodbye to Santa

January 7, 2011

I know I know, you said goodbye weeks ago.  Well, I didn’t. I put it off and I have a reason.  My mom was born right before Christmas and I was born right after.  When you have a Christmas birthday and the decorations go up it invokes double the excitement.  This is my time of year, my only time, Christmas and birthday in one.

My mom never let my birthday get lost in the holiday because hers was at Christmas, too.  My mom also died just a few days before her birthday and Christmas.  This time is now such a mix of anticipation and reflection.   When I say goodbye to the vintage Santa of my childhood, now on my grown up roof, I am saying goodbye to a connection I have with my mom.

The good news is that year round I can look to Christ for that connection with my mom.  If I look up at my Santa I can only see the past with my mom, if I look up to Christ I can see my future with her.

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