Nothing Cuter: Boys in Football

Earlier this week Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman – great blog) posted that there was Nothing Cuter than a bunch of little boys in football uniforms.  She had such precious pictures of her little boys.

Sigh…my Marky was once that little.  I couldn’t resist.  Camera in hand (old, not a Nikon, and totally inadequate to take pictures from afar) I headed up to the practice field to capture my not so baby, baby.  Yes, I am a Ree Drummond wanna be especially in the photography, cooking departments.  She is giving away another camera today.  I already entered.  And I really need it so don’t compare my pictures to hers.

Here is my little boy in his football uniform.  There really is nothing cuter!  Sigh…again.

Of course, at this age he would be mortified to know that I am writing this.

He is a defensive back for the best team in the state (my opinion, of course) – Plant Panthers.

And I love him very much.  Sigh…last one I promise.


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  • Kathryn Zerbian

    Love this post! We live in Orlando and my nine year old son plays football for Pop Warner and I couldn’t agree with you more! It is our second year it has been one of the funest and most rewarding things for him and for our whole family(we have two girls who are cheering for Pop Warner as well:) Thanks for sharing this!

    • Awe. Mark played PW. My cell phone ring picture is a PW picture from 5 years ago!

      • Kathryn Zerbian

        So fun – I will have to remember that and get one on my cell phone. Thanks for your ministry – I have four kids and life is full and crazy – we call it happy chaos:). Your posts and the imom emails are a great encouragement and help to me and I share it with many friends! My husband and I are on staff with FamilyLife and are so grateful for the ministry of imom and Allpro Dad – keep up the good work!

        • Love FamilyLife. We went to our first Weekend to Remember when we weren’t even engaged yet! Do you know the Eysters?