mary pondered

Mary Pondered…(Christmas Countdown Day 10)


I desperately want to celebrate Christ in this season that tends to pull me in any and every direction except toward the very One whose birth we are celebrating.  So to help me focus, today begins a 10 day countdown to Christmas devotion, of sorts.  We will start with Mary because she is the mom and I love that!  We don’t know much about her thoughts but we do know this–Mary pondered.

According to, the word ponder means “to consider something deeply and thoroughly; meditate.”

I had to think about the last time I’ve taken time to stop and consider something deeply and thoroughly.  Can you remember?  This life we live as modern day women is so busy, so full of “to-dos”.  And this time of year, it all comes at us even faster with the baking, shopping, decorating, and everything else that must get finished before Christmas Day arrives.

But the idea of pondering offers us rest and time to reflect on all we’ve been given.  It allows us to let sweet moments throughout the season become memories we treasure for years to come.   So today, choose to sit and rest for even just a few minutes.   Find your most comfortable chair, grab a cup of coffee, your journal and a pen, or anything else that allows you to reflect.

Let’s follow Mary’s example and let everyday moments become heart treasures, all because we took the time to ponder them.

What are you pondering today?

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