Marriage Messages to My Daughter

When I got married 27 years ago, it was a bit different. I wasn’t as consumed with the to-do’s of weddings as young brides are today, but rather infatuated with the idea of becoming Mark’s wife. I longed for the ‘happily ever after‘, not necessarily the ‘happily ever before’. So, I wanted to give Megan the same experience, if I could. Leading up to her wedding, I wrote her little notes paired with a little gift every 10 days that were little encouragements as to what a wife is and the beauty of marriage in God’s eyes. 

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marriage messages download

More from the Wedding: 

  • Wedding Vows: The pastor’s wedding message was so honoring to God and brought us all to tears.  It was the highlight for our family and examples of vows are hard to find even online.  So feel free to take inspiration from the amazing words of Pastor Denny Heiberg.
  • The Pictures and Details: the venue, the vendors and the pictures of the day that is frozen in my memory!
  • For Better, For Worse: Helping Megan prepare for the “better” and “worse” of marriage and how to glorify God through it all. 
  • The Wedding Trumped the Blog: I’ve been so busy, check out what I’ve been working on! 
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