Each One, Reach One


This is iMOM Morning!  I love it.  There is something about moms, kids and breakfast all in one great big room.  It is happy and fun and relational.  But it rarely happens.  Like many parents, I often find myself getting really busy in the mornings and I miss opportunities to connect. iMOM mornings creates that opportunity monthly–it is a planned time to connect with our kids and share a meal together.

Being able to speak at the iMOM morning events and to see so many loving interactions has touched me. I was so blessed and happy to be a part of helping the bond between mother and child grow through this school program.  I truly hope moms will take advantage of the once a month, iMOM Morning program- a little thing, that has become a big thing for so many people.

If you are reading this, this is an opportunity for you.  I hope you will take this opportunity to reach out to your school and start an iMOM morning in your community.

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