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  • Patti Jack

    I was never a great housekeeper. Now my teenager and one of my young adult daughters throw it back in my face when I ask them to do something. God forgive me if I ask her to empty the washer and dryer when it was not her load of clothes. I survived breast cancer but sometimes I feel like raising these daughters is going to be the death of me. I thought that this would be a good place to vent. I could use some encouragement from moms of teens and young adults.

    • Patti–I can relate! I have 3 daughters. They were good about tasks when younger and I had a system with a chore chart. Now they are older and it can be exhausting when I come home from work and the kitchen is a mess. So I had a crazy solution (they are working but living at home) I hired a cleaning lady and they pay for her! I know that is not a solution for you but I want you to know I empathize in every way. And I will pray that you find a way to make her see you need her to help.

      • Patti Jack

        Thanks, Susan!