Are Parents the Root of Bullies?

March 3, 2016

Is your child thought of as a bully or a ‘mean girl’ at school? Back in January, I had the pleasure of debating whether or not parents might actually be the cause of their children’s bully-like attitude on Fox & Friends.

A new study suggests that the origin of bullies behavior may be the parents exertion of control. Our kids are a reflection of us, so their attitude and actions start with us. The important thing is, however, that we as parents take responsibility of their children and train the behavior out of them. If you treat your kids with aggression or criticism, they will mirror that. Better yet, if you treat them with love and kindness, they will reflect that. 

Watch the video below to hear more on this topic.

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  • Bethany

    Why is this all directed toward girls/mothers???? Growing up I was bullied by mean boys/fathers. I agree that it is a direct reflection of parents. Please include fathers. Most mothers already shoulder too much guilt and blame they dont need to be carrying. Thank you.

    • AnnnnditsGone

      You are either a troll, or completely delusional. Did you even read the article/watch the video?? I didn’t hear the word woman, or mother mentioned once in the entire video/article. Stop being so sensitive SJW #Triggered