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4 Things to Do When Your Spouse Is Feeling Down {Podcast}

Mark has been dealing with back pain for the past few months. Its getting better, but there are still days he doesnt feel 100 percent. For someone as on-the-go as Mark, this experience has, at times, caused him to get discouraged.

Ive tried to be there for Mark, to encourage him and let him know I understand what hes dealing with. Its not always easy, but its part of being a supportive spouse. Mark has been there for me when Ive gone through down times; now its my turn to be there for him.

In this podcast, Mark and I share 4 Things to Do When Your Spouse is Feeling Down.


When someone shows you empathy you immediately feel that youre not alone. Its more powerful than offering a solution because it shows you understand.  Do your best to show empathy every day for as long as your husband needs your support. If you dont, hell feel like youre getting frustrated with him.

Thank him for being transparent.

When your husband reaches out to you or shares whats bringing him down, say something like this: Im so glad you told me. I could tell you were down.Encourage him to continue to be transparent so that you can offer support. Try not to see his sharing as complaining. If you allow him to talk about his troubles hell be better equipped to handle them.

Show unconditional love.

Mark and I have a friend whose wife had a stroke shortly after she gave birth to their child. He has shown her unconditional love over the years, taking on extra things to lighten her burden. He doesnt grumble about it, he just does it. You dont want to heap more guilt on your spouse and make them feel bad about their condition.

Be on their team.

A husband and wife make up one whole, one team. Sometimes, the teamwork is split pretty evenly, 50-50, but when one of you is feeling down the other has to do more for the team. The one who isnt suffering might have to give 80 percent and not get bitter about it.


Listen to the full podcast here for more on how to help your spouse when theyre feeling down.

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