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3 A’s for an Awesome Marriage

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I recently posted a video of me and my friend Lesley doing a Periscope session where we talked about the 3 R’s of discipline. Today, I have 3 more letters on my mind to share with you: 3 A’s for an awesome marriage! 

I am sure that every married person who is reading this post wants an awesome marriage. Many of you already have that, others are striving for it. Often, what can get in the way of an awesome marriage is something very simple: We focus on what our spouse should be doing instead of noticing what they’re doing well or recognizing our own shortcomings. 

I’ll be honest with you, it’s easier to look at Mark and hone in on his flaws than to accept my own mistakes. It’s especially easy when I’m making excuses for my own poor behavior because I’m tired or overworked or think that he doesn’t appreciate me enough! In this podcast, Mark and I talk about turning your attention to yourself and asking how YOU can be a better spouse. 

An awesome marriage takes work. It won’t just happen automatically or accidentally. But it will happen when you accept your spouse, applaud your spouse, and allow your spouse. 

One of the issues we had early in our marriage was complete acceptance of each other. Mark and I are very, very different people. Mark tends to be very disciplined and organized, I am more spontaneous and creative. We frequently understand things differently, have contrasting expectations, and approach problems from completely different points of view. These differences, when not fully accepted, have caused wedges in our relationship. Instead of embracing the unique gifts we each bring to the table, we have at times allowed our differences to come between us, making us feel like we are not on the same page or the same team. Learning to accept each other for who we are has gone a long way in making our marriage awesome!

Hear more on the 3 A’s for an Awesome Marriage. 

Do you have any more A’s that have helped your marriage? Share your thoughts below!

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