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The Best Way to Support an Adoptive Family

The process of adopting a child can often be daunting in itself, though the real journey for an adoptive family starts after the child comes home. It’s wonderful if you want to support an adoptive family, but be sure to keep these 6 things in mind.

1. Give them space. It’s important to allow the family bonding time with the child, so allow them the space they need to do that!

2. Watch your words. Kids are always listening, so be mindful of what questions you are asking.

3. Respect their privacy. Try to avoid asking prying questions about the child’s history.

4. Embrace honesty. Don’t judge the parents by any frustration that they may be walking through – it’s a difficult process!

5. Bring the community to them. Support the parents! Offer to make them a meal and drop it off. That is always greatly appreciated.

6. Respect their parenting methods. There will be trials that parents need to learn to correct in their own time.

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