Duck Dynasty family tree

13 Ways to Keep Your Clan Together: Duck Dynasty Style


The 10-day Duck Dynasty 2013 countdown begins today!  And the Merrill Men can’t wait.

What is it about this clan that made it A&E’s most-watched series?  Why did 6.5 million viewers tune in on December 5th for the season 2 finale?  What makes this somewhat kooky camo-clad clan so cute?


The Robertson clan is a family with traditions.  And those traditions make them unique and give them a point of connection.  And that connection keeps them together.  Season 3 will be more of what we love.  Apparently the Robertson men will be preparing for the beginning of duck season next week and the traditions abound.   Phil has two rituals that don’t go over well; a date night with Ms. Kay and abstaining from baths. Meanwhile, the guys carry out their tradition of camping out on the land but the group is divided into those who’ll rough it and those who want comfort.

Is that not every families major camping dilemma–who will rough it and who won’t?  Certainly is ours.

The point here is that in the daily life of the Robertsons there are traditions that must be kept.  And those traditions are almost never carried out with naively optimistic  family harmony.  Nope, this is a real family with their own kooky ways to keep it together, make memories and be uniquely the Robertson Duck Dynasty.

So what does your clan rally around?  What traditions make your dynasty?  Hunting duck?  Here are some of the Merrill Dynasty traditions, but I am open to adding if you have any good ones.

  • Football Games – Go Gators!
  • Red Velvet Cake for every birthday
  • Camping in the rain, in the sun, on the beach–call us the Griswolds
  • Skiing – on water and snow
  • Walking the puppies – almost every night after dinner
  • Church – every Sunday
  • Group texts with funny pictures
  • Holidays together – whatever it takes
  • Hunting in the woods for the boys
  • Shopping & shows in NY for the girls
  • Disney World – it’s only an hour away
  • Dad’s pancakes on Saturday
  • Food – lots of it


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  • Ann Clark

    Thanks for the reminder that simplicity matters!

    • George

      Where is there simplicity? The entire show is scripted, down to dinner. Just because someone write something down, doesn’t make it fact, and just because you see it on “reality” TV doesn’t mean it’s real. Yes it is entertaining, but all the “fans” and “viewers” have done is take a family that were already millionaires since the 80’s and made them even richer, by idealizing a backwoods lifestyle that they themselves never lead until they were on TV.

  • Jennifer

    Wonderful! Thanks for helping me to remember to thank
    my husband for those pancakes on the weekend. Even our son’s
    friends tell people they enjoy his Dad’s pancakes when they stay over.
    Ann, you’re right…..simplicity is still heartwarming & puts a smile on your

  • Joyce

    Love the show! The only thing I don’t like about the show is what I consider a lack of respect for the parents. The Grandchildren answer with “yes Mame and yes Sir. The only time I use my parents given name is when someone asks what their name is. My parents earned the respect of being called Mom & Dad. I would like to hear more of that from Willie and Jase.

    • Joyce, I never noticed that. I am going to watch for it.

      • Marci

        I felt the same way when I started watching. Then I read Willie’s book, and he explains that when the boys were young, Phil was running the duck call business out of their home. They had one telephone, and all of the boys were trained to answer it in a proper business manner from the time that they were young. Clients also often came to the house, so home was really a business. Because they were immersed in the business world, the boys were trained to behave in a way that would not adversely affect the family’s livelihood, and they all sort of fell into doing it all of the time. He stresses in his book that it was not done out of lack of respect, but out of a desire to be team players in the family’s work.

        Not the way our family works either, but then, our family has never lived through those circumstances. I would recommend Willie and Phil’s books to all. They explain a lot of the family customs and traditions that we see on the show:)

        • Marci, Thanks for explaining that it makes sense.

  • Carla

    Church on Sunday EVERY Sunday no matter what! That’s what matters most! A family that goes to church together stays together! A family that has God Jesus Christ can and will withstand all!

  • michael zazzetti

    hi this is michael zazzetti and i just wutid to say i rulley like your show and happy thanks giving.

  • Debbie Mullins Hilt

    I think in businees you address family by first names. Being on the show is almost like a business, so I see where Miss Kay and Phil is used by the boys.